Growing in popularity with visitors all the time, the Central American country of Costa Rica which is situated between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and known for its rainforests and beaches alike is often the destination of choice for Europeans, Americans and others from further afield.

Two international airports cater to the thousands of visitors that fly in and out every year, the one being the San José International and the other the Liberia International even though the latter is less busy. Getting around is easy on a choice of buses and coaches, taxis or rental cars, the latter mainly in San José the capital, and popular tourist destinations. In more remote areas it is good to use a 4WD vehicle.

Because the country offers such variety it is popular with both beach and sun lovers and those who prefer to visit the tropical interior’s regions and cities, parks and destinations where the great biodiversity can be fully appreciated. Depending on your preferences you may find that you can fill your hours with a great choice of activities such as sight-seeing, sitting on the beach, eating out at restaurants or travelling all over.

Those that fancy water activities are assured of choices from surfing, white-water rafting or diving and snorkeling. Others may prefer canopy tours, hiking and trekking, or watching the great choices of birdlife, horseback riding or mountain biking.

Visits to the different parks such as the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio which offer great variety in terms of rainforest treks during which one can witness special plants and wildlife, or spending time at the lovely beaches and coral reefs can be delightful. Alternatively the famous active Arenal Volcano with its rainforest trails and hot springs, or the Corcovado National Park, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve are ideal for those that do not need all the shopping, restaurants and hustle and bustle of nightlife.

Many bars and dance clubs and restaurants – also well-known fast food chains – make it easy to have a great, relaxing time without having to plan every minute of the day or night. If you are a fan of fancy sushi, Italian, French or other international food options, you will not be disappointed.

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The country is known for its variety of Luxury at reasonable rates is often guaranteed.