Japan has become one of the most visited countries on earth and at Lets Talk Travel we have booked numerous holiday packages for clients from different backgrounds whether they are singles, couples or families, right from looking at the best flights, accommodation and sightseeing trips.

This is not a country to sum up in a few words since it offers a diverse mix of the traditional and the ultra modern. Everything works extremely well in this East Asia country with is its thriving economy. It is easy to reach Japan from various ports and many international airports. Getting around is easy whether you take one of the great metros, buses, taxis or scooters if you are more adventurous.

Big cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka all offer diverse activities and their own sightseeing opportunities, as is true for areas further out. In these big centres you can visit the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shinto Shrine and Tokyo Disneyland in Tokyo or in Osaka the Castle where you can marvel at the modern architecture. Many visitors come to Japan also to be exposed to the country’s very unique culture and the traditional people’s habits and customs. There is ample opportunity to learn about these as you visit the shrines, temples and museums. Or you can cycle through the old neighbourhoods and eat sushi and other Japanese dishes at fine restaurants or at local street markets and with the locals in outlying communities.

Travelling everywhere is easy, in the cities and further out. Visits to beautiful Mount Fuji, or the well-known Arashiyama with its monkeys, bamboo forest and water vistas, or Lake Kawaguchi offer some sightseeing options. Of course there are many others spread out all over the country and great photo opportunities ensure you can cherish your memories forever.

At Lets Talk Travel one of our knowledgeable, experienced agents is ready with information about typical tourist attractions, travel arrangements and luxury accommodation. Japan is truly first world and offers some of the most sought-after hotels and fine dining. The country offers diverse activities and everybody is guaranteed quality time whether you travel on your own or with your family and kids. Variety is key and everybody catered to, whether you and your kids enjoy a city break or some time in more remote areas. A country such as Japan is geared towards the tourist and his or her comforts.

The country makes it easy for both the lover of city life and its activities and those who favour nature, to have a great, relaxing time. Lets Talk Travel offer different holiday packages to ensure every visitor has the best experiences.