Fiji is an archipelago of many islands in the South Pacific Ocean situated approximately 1,300 miles north east of New Zealand. It is popular with many different visitors, most of whom visit Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Suva on the southeast coast of Viti Levu is the capital and the country’s main port for cruise-ships while visitors by air arrive at The Nadi International Airport on the western side of the island, where one finds the biggest concentrations of hotels and motels in Fiji.

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There are great choices among the different eateries, bars and boutique shops. Or decide you want to travel through rural Vanua and take photographs of lovely waterfalls, sugar cane fields and wildlife. Ample opportunity for water sports such as swimming, surfing, scuba diving and lying in the sun guarantees every sun lover the greatest time in lovely, lush surrounds.

Different regions offer different options for the traveller, whether you want to drive through rugged terrain with evidence of volcanic activity or sit in the sun and sip drinks on palm-lined beaches next to clear, warm tropical waters that seem to stretch forever. Luxury resorts attract visitors from all over and ensure a comfortable stay in style whether you are on a budget or fine with ultra luxury and accordingly higher rates. Lets Talk Travel can advise and make sure you find the resort or hotel that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. Often popular with honeymoon couples and those on a romantic breakaway – also families – Fiji is attracting more visitors every year.

Ask us at Lets Talk Travel to put together a package for you that combines different places and activities. We can offer you a great bespoke experience that will leave you with great memories. The Mamanuca Islands west of Nadi offer great opportunities for water sports, Castaway Island more beaches and also some hilly areas with good views, and the Kula Wild Adventure Park a great experience in a nature preserve. There are so many islands to choose from, short day trips or longer ones to ensure you take the best out of your visit.

Getting around is easy in and around the bigger centres. Choices such as the buses, private taxis and so-called “share taxis” are cheap and reliable. You can also hire a bike for rugged bike tours, or a motorbike at the airport.

Locals are friendly and helpful, scenery beautiful and activities often centred around the ocean, beaches and enjoying nature and the outdoors.