As one of the top holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean this Asian country lies to the southwest of Sri Lanka and India.

The Maldives are made up of 26 atolls and is often favoured by those that enjoy tropical, warm to hot weather, hence its popularity with visitors from all over, also those from cooler climates who love nothing better than many hours in the sun, stretched out on white sandy beaches.

Many of the Maldives’ more than 1,000 islands are popular with tourists that can choose to stay in any of the 90 resorts. The capital is Malé where most visitors enter the country via the Malé International Airport, also known as Velana International. Travel between the islands for those who prefer to visit more than one locale is never a problem, and domestic flights, seaplanes or boats are the preferred options.

In Malé you can shop, have a look at the well-known Islamic Centre Mosque, eat at a variety of restaurants or visit the busy fish market near the harbour, alternatively the well-stocked produce market that sells great choices of local fruit. You can visit the National Museum, the Tsunami Monument or one of the nearby beaches if you want to relax during your stay in the city.

For many it is about the time spent outdoors in the sun at the golden beaches, either snorkelling at one of the northern islands or diving at one of those in the south. The resort islands offer exactly what the holidaymaker wants: the beauty and romanticism of palm trees, lagoons, beaches and reefs.

There are many choices and some of the popular ones include the islands that offer the luxury and essence of an island holiday. Popular choices are resorts that offer water villas or so-called overwater bungalows of varying degree of luxury to ensure many budgets are catered for. All of these seem to be popular with singles, couples and families whether you are looking for budget options, or for extreme luxury. You may be one of those who favour a meeting with a whale shark. So, visit South Ari Atoll, a protected marine area, or see hammerhead sharks at North Ari.

The Maldives are favoured by those who don’t necessarily need the activities offered by big cities or the cultural hubs of the world. Lets Talk Travel is available to help travellers plan their island holiday, with the emphasis on lazy hours at clean beaches, sea life, relaxation and getting away from their busy lives. We can offer you a holiday package tailor made to your requirements to ensure that you and your company have the best time ever in one of the world’s top holiday destinations.