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When it comes to serenity, safety, costal lifestyle, warm weather, relaxed ambiance, natural extravaganza and vibrant fishing villages, Zanzibar is the finest place to consider. Being a semi-autonomous archipelago, it has everything to offer from stunning white beaches, sunset points, small islands, extraordinary marine life and quaint villages to excellent restaurants.

Where is Zanzibar Island?

It is an island in the Indian Ocean, only two hour (15 miles) ferry ride from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Reasons to visit Zanzibar

People from all across the glove drift here to experience the unbridled beauty of land and sea, nature and atmosphere, as well as reefs system and marine biodiversity! Besides that, they also take Dolphin tours to make their vacations more exclusive and memorable. Did you know? Zanzibar City is the capital of Zanzibar.

The best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October.

Top Places to Visit in Zanzibar Island

  • Changuu Island
  • Old Fort of Zanzibar
  • Sultan’s Palace
  • Anglican Cathedral
  • Darajani Market


Transportation is not an issue in Zanzibar; you can take Dala Dala, Shuttle Bus / Shared Taxi or a car as per your needs. All these are easy to access and are affordable, too.


You can choose budget hotels or luxurious hotels according to your budget as well as itinerary.

Quick tips for first time travelers –

  • Never forget your passport.
  • Always book your ferry/boat tickets in advance.
  • Taste local dishes.
  • Explore ancient buildings, clove plantation and snorkeling regions.
  • Understand local religions and culture.
So, are you ready to explore this pristine & gorgeous island and enjoy your family holidays?

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