2 Most Famous Beach Destinations In Australia

All around the globe, Australia is renowned for the Great Barrier Reef, desert wilderness, exotic beaches, kangaroos, duck-billed platypuses and remote islands. It boasts some of the longest stretches of sand-covered coast lines,  pollution-free roads, Queensland coast, and the Tasman Sea and the tallest peaks near Queensland. Travellers from across the world drift here to touch the serene beaches and  extraordinary locations.

Some of the hottest beaches to explore are:


Bondi Beach

If you love sunrise or want to swim freely in turquoise waters, or just stroll along the soft sandy beaches – choose Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most spectacular spot to roll.

Families come here to spend their holiday. They enjoy non-stop coastal walks, football, beach volleyball as well as buzzing night life. Moreover, Bondi Beach has several restaurants and hotels that offer highly exotic and mouth watering food to suit all tastes.

“Bondi is a food lover’s heaven”.

Children love to see the glimpse of ocean, ice cream parlours and dancing waves. There are many surfing and swimming spots. Most visitors choose whale watching tours to see the largest creatures in their own habitat. (Ideal whale watching time is between May and November.)

Note- On Campbell Parade, you’ll find a number of swimwear shops, including Labyrinth, The Big Swim, Sunburn and Bikini Island.

Best time to visit Bondi Beach: The best time to visit Sydney and its beaches could be around  March-April and October-November.


Whitehaven Beach

If you want to see real paradise on earth, come to Whitehaven Beach. Nicely nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach is the world’s most unspoiled beaches. It is an ideal place to visit and explore. It is is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and boasts some of the world’s most beautiful glimpses.

Families love to roll on the white sandy beaches that are extraordinary. Ideal beach for walking, snorkelling, swimming, playing and cruising. You can explore beautiful inlets and other beach locations to relax and have fun.

You can also choose boat tours to see the marine life and scattered corals. Enjoy sailing while sipping your favourite juice with your partner in the azure waters.

Best time to visit Whitehaven Beach: The month of September labelled the best time to visit  Whitsundays.

So, pack your bags and get ready to touch the land of heaven…