3 Exceptionally Pristine Travel Destinations

Portugal (a famous southern European country)

It is one of most exclusive travel destinations that is famous for exotic food, classic accommodation and inspiring wine. It is a pure blend of beautiful and hot golden beaches as well as stunning cities. People especially drift here to experience the magic of the Atlantic Ocean, stunning Atlantic archipelagos, mature deciduous and coniferous forests as well as a wide variety of National parks.

Family travellers and couples love to see a great variety of freshwater fish species, endemic insect species, and a unique subtropical rainforests. This soulful region attracts people from across the globe because of its pristine scenery, mist-covered woodlands, craggy cliff tops, and historic villages. Native people are warm-hearted and welcoming; they help tourists to enjoy their holidays in their own way.

Get ready to understand the parlance of nature…


Nicaragua (a country in Central America)

People hit the land of Nicaragua because it is blessed with budget friendly hotels and resorts as well as some of the most exclusive natural wonders. It also offers a great variety of adventure activities. Travellers love to explore Guatemala and Honduras, which are known for their blissful and enchanting environment.

Family travellers enjoy the volcanic landscapes, opulent surroundings, as well as extraordinary beaches. In fact, the pristine forests are quite breathtaking.  If you are a beach lover, Nicaragua is a matchless destination. You can enjoy your whole day along the lengthy and calm beaches nestled near the rainforests.

Some people move towards cities to see the exceptional and century old colonial architecture and buildings. They enjoy old cathedrals, murals, masterpieces, wooden houses and courtyards that radiate their own grace.

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Nepal (Sultanate of Buddha)

Are you looking for a budget friendly place to explore icy mountain views? Visit Nepal. It is more than a masterpiece of nature. In fact, it provides an amazing opportunity to trekkers.  Of course, the routes are somewhat exhaustive and challenging, but you will feel the real guts of nature in Nepal.

Explorers love to move around the city to see various sacred sites, temples, squares in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Some people also move to jungles that are nothing short of astonishment, which offers a diverse array of landscapes.

So, are you ready to attain Nirvana in Nepal?


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  • Always book the best and most luxurious hotels.
  • Look for all inclusive resort deals to save money.
  • Plan your budget in advance.

So, choose one of the best travel destinations to feel the real bliss and grace…