3 Exciting, Mysterious And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Explore Natural Wonders

Tuvalu (A country in Oceania)

Some people call it mysterious, while others call it splendid; overall, Tuvalu is a fabulous island nation within the British Commonwealth. It is known for its small islands, populated atolls, reef islands, palm-fringed beaches as well as many incredible natural wonders. Worldwide travellers visit Tuvalu because it offers some of the most exciting and wonderful diving and snorkelling sites.

In fact, Tuvalu is a great place to see ocean turtles and tropical fish as well as experience tropical climate. There are many uninhabited islets that are shelters many rare sea birds species. Family visitors explore the neighbouring islands such as Niutao, Nui, Nukufetau, Nukulaelae, Vaitupu, etc.


Fiji (A country in Oceania)

Whether you want to reboot your lifestyle or sense the aroma of nature, Fiji is the best place to consider. This beautiful country is packed with natural abundance. Explorers love Fiji because it offers coral reefs, lush rainforests, vast coconut plantations, secluded and sandy beaches, red hills as well as many spectacular villages.

There are many regions that are quite attractive and provides incredible adventure opportunities like Suva, Nadi, Taveuni, Savusavu as well as Nausori. So, improve your fitness level and walk around the island…


Tips for first time travellers:

  • Choose budget hotels as well as resorts because they offer equally beautiful views.
  • Select naturally rich and famous islands to have awesome holidays.
  • Choose hotels and resorts that offer holiday packages.


Norway (Europe)

Deactivate all social media accounts because you are about to enter into the world of unmatched natural beauty – Norway. In other words, Norway is all about deep fjords, west coast, remote islands, large peninsula, extreme borders, rocky wilderness, narrow inlets and tall mountains. It is an ideal place that can magnify your imaginations.

People from around the world drift here to explore national parks and craggy coastline that are second to none. So, Norway is waiting for you.


Travel tips for new travellers:

  • Get up early to see misty fjords.
  • Experience the rich culture and dramatic scenery in and around Norway.
  • Visit stunning cathedrals, night life and urban areas as well as great Norwegian roads.

So, get ready to maximise every moment of your life and feel the rhythm of nature in these cool travel destinations…