3 Exotic Beaches To Explore In The UK

Golden sandy beaches, romantic sunsets, slow moving waves, gentle breeze, rocky backdrops, ageless clouds, and endless expanse of water capture the intensity of holiday makers and explorers. There are many exotic beaches in the UK that are second to none. Holiday makers come here to sense the aroma of these super stunning and beautiful beaches.

Here are a few beautiful beaches to explore in the UK:

Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe Beach is the most welcoming and aesthetically pleasing beach. It attracts thousands of travellers from across the globe. It is nestled between Morte Point and Baggy Point.

This tranquil and long stretch of sand is magnificent and almost 3 miles long carpet of golden sand. This region is known for it’s cleanliness and laid-back ambience. Couples, families as well as kids lover to stroll here and savour the local food.

They also indulge in swimming, surfing, sandcastle building, etc. The region is blessed with great pubs, restaurants, waterfront properties and places to stay. People also enjoy plenty of fun activities here.

Weymouth Beach

This is the hottest, prettiest and the most popular beach in Weymouth Bay, Dorset. People come here to rest, relax and have ultimate fun with their family and friends. It is just a few minutes away from the town centre and historic harbour.

This beach attracts global explorers because of its sandy shores, mesmerising shallow water, sand dunes, amalgamation of gravel, shingle and pebbles, gentle slopes, small waves, and other exotic attractions.

Families enjoy donkey rides, sun bathing, volleyball and other sporting activities. They choose traditional English seaside resorts that offers a great variety of amenities to guests.

St Brelade’s Bay Beach

St Brelade’s Bay Beach is the most amazing and unbelievably exciting beach when it comes to coves, sensational vistas, secluded areas, bright water, green gorgeous hills and serene atmosphere. This beach attracts families and couples because it has plenty of locations that are still unexplored.

People not only enjoy the pleasing wavy beaches, but also the ancient churches, historic centres, and nearby hills. Even the neighbouring bays, surfing areas, curly harbour, shallow turquoise water, lighthouse, swimming spots, and fishing ports are also quite mesmerising.

There are many more glittering beaches and bay areas in the UK that are equally pristine and have all-inclusive family resorts. So, what are you waiting for, select a beach and have ultimate fun with your family.