3 Most Exclusive Travel Destinations For Nature Enthusiasts


Fiji is a land of diverse landscapes and dramatic seascapes. It is an engaging and peaceful archipelago of more than 300 islands. Known across the world for its hot palm-lined beaches, exotic coral reefs as well as clear lagoons, it has something to offer to everything.

Most of the islands are uninhabited and are worth exploring. The flora and fauna of Fiji are remarkably unique.  Are your ready to experience wilderness beyond your imaginations?

Most explorers experience the aura of Fiji through resorts and villas as well as a wide variety of aquatic activities. Not to mention, Fiji is by far the most ideal place to enjoy swimming and diving.

To awaken their taste buds, visitors move to rural areas to savour a wide variety of local food (raw tuna, rice, reef fish, coconut cream, etc.) Fiji also provides a wide range of shopping and dining options.

So, whether you want to hit the golden sand or experience the extravaganza of reef system, Fiji is the finest place to consider.



Believe it or not, Mozambique is one of the most dazzling southern African nation, which is known for its long Indian Ocean coastline. It is the best place to see great lakes, lengthy beaches, coral reefs, and manta rays.

Visitors come here to experience historic lighthouses, friendly atmosphere, coastal lifestyle, long beaches as well as awesome greenery.

People often come here to enjoy non-stop scuba diving and swimming. Even the bird life of this region is second to none.

Are you ready to experience the culture, nature, ethics and customs of Mozambique?



known for its rich biodiversity, Malaysia is the land of surprise. Visitors choose it because it has primordial rain forests, lofty mountains, golden beaches, pristine diving sites and picturesque shoreline.

Malaysia is the best place for die-hard jungle trekkers because they can move to the dense mangrove forests, rugged highlands and National Parks. Some people choose long arduous mountain trails to challenge their guts. So, whether you want to sense the essence of animal kingdom or experience the engrossing natural splendour, Malaysia is the perfect option to choose.

Get ready to read the lyrical illustration of nature in Malaysia.


  • Always take your survival kit before going on a jungle safari.
  • Book an all-inclusive hotel/resort in advance.
  • Wherever you go respect the environment.
  • Always carry a medical kit and take camera equipment with you.

So, if you want to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, choose the above mentioned travel destinations.

Bon voyage!