3 Most Exotic And Weird Travel Destinations


If monastery, morning market, Thai food and green highland hopping appeal to you,  explore the extravagant land of Thailand. It is famous for its beautiful offbeat hills, golden temples, shrines, glittering monasteries as well as extensive river valleys. Most of the travellers move towards Southern Thailand, which consists of narrow Kra Isthmus that slithers into the Malay Peninsula. There are many weird geographical regions that are known for natural resources, ancient ruins, white-sand beaches, ancient ruins, geographical features, as well as physical setting. These regions have diverse setting and famous some of the most exotic and romantic islands.

History and culture of Thailand attracts explorers from across the world. People also love to taste the most delicious food items, explore dense mountains as well as rushing waterfalls that originates from the craggy limestone cliffs.


Assam (India)

It is a famous state in north eastern India. It is known for its incredible vicinity of Himalayas along the Brahmaputra river. The region is blessed with exotic wildlife, greenery, natural beauty, valleys as well as hills. People not only come here to see the mighty river Brahmaputra, but also timeless temples and a resonating rural and wildlife life. There are many districts in Assam that are unique in many senses, such as Bongaigaon, Dibrugarh, etc.

People often go towards Bongaigaon, an ancient region that is famous for many historical monuments of Assamese culture. Even the neighbouring Dibrugarh district is highly breathtaking. It occupies a greater area and attracts people because of its large tea producing region.  There are many unexplored and mesmerising regions in Assam, so visit here to touch the grace of nature…



Aruba (in the Kingdom of the Netherlands) comes with promises of non-stop adventure, sports, fishing as well as endless exploration. Whether you are an adventure junkie or an admirer of nature, this is the place for you to explore. The landscape of beaches and rolling hills of Aruba are sure to captivate you with their sheer elegance.

Explorers often drift here to see natural bridges, exotic flora and fauna. The climate of the region is tropical semi arid, which attracts tourism from across the globe. People love to spend their time on the Palm beach, which second to none. They also visit Arashi Beach, Baby Beach, Caves of Aruba as well as Rodgers beach that are the prime highlights of Aruba. No doubt, there’s a lot to uncover in Aruba…

So, pack your bags to create everlasting memories