3 Vibrant Treasures To Explore in Vacations


Singapore (the famous hub of food, culture and shopping) attracts foodies, explorers, action seekers, and family travellers. In fact, it has everything to offer from gardens, ports, tasty food, shopping areas to museums and theatres. Family travellers love to walk around Riverside, Marina Bay and China Town.

Most people enjoy the rich mix of Malays, Chinese, and Indian culture and taste a wide variety of   mouth watering dishes. They visit 24-hour coffee shops and restaurants that offer the most fabulous food. Kids spend their time by playing with animals in Singapore Zoo. They also learn new things at the botanical garden.

Things to explore in Singapore –

  • Sentosa
  • Palawan Beach
  • Universal Studios
  • Marina Bay area
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark

Come and explore the glittering city panoramas in Singapore…



Believe it or not, Scotland is one of the most popular and beautiful travel destinations that is famous for its splendid landscapes, the Irish Sea, amazing backdrops, woodlands, lowlands, unexpected greenery, winter mountains, awesome seafood and wild flowers. Explorers drift here to see memorable wildlife, magical skies as well as sliver clouds. The hilly terrain and inland lakes makes it a majestic tourist spot.

The region has rich, and multilayered history, which attracts authors and philosophers, alike. They walk around the historic buildings and squares. Adventure enthusiasts love Scotland because they enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventure activities from mountain biking, walking, camping, cycling, fishing (both fresh water and sea angling),  and kayaking. They move through the rugged terrain to enjoy the vibrant nature of Scotland.

Most family vacationers choose sailing, which is a great and fun-filled activity. (Did you know? In the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is thought to be located in the Highlands of Scotland. – natgeokids)



Romania (a year-round tourist destination) is known across the world because of its beautiful Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea, and Moldoveanu Peak. People often come here to see exotic mountains, delta region, flora and fauna as well as a biosphere reserve. They enjoy the most captivating marshlands, unique painted monasteries, castles, food, wines, ancient cities, medieval towns and other cultural activities. The region is also blessed with extraordinary architecture, music, crafts as well as traditions. (Romanian is the official language of Romania.)

No jaunt to Europe is complete without visiting Romania…

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