Experience the Beautiful Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal – The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are the most exotic and beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Travellers especially drift here to experience the iconic palm-lined, soft-sandy beaches, expansive mangroves  and lush tropical rainforests.  Families enjoy the floating coral reefs, supporting marine life. Kids love titanic sharks and playful rays in the deep waters. There are many popular diving and snorkelling sites that are worth exploring.

Explorers come here to see the supremacy of:

  • Littoral forest
  • Mangrove forest
  • Brackish water mixed forest
  • Submontane forest
  • Tropical rainforest canopy
  • Large grasslands
  • Turbo, Trochus, Murex and Nautilus

 Havelock Island

Most visitors choose Havelock Island in Andaman because it is has some of the most popular beaches. Tourists especially come here to see Peel Island and Neill Island that are known for their picture perfect beauty.

Families flock to distant beach locations for  powdery sands, impressive waters and sunshine. In fact, this is the right place for scuba diving, cruising, fishing,  kayaking and of course for local foods.

Havelock Island is also famous among honeymooners because it has a large number of resorts.

Ross Island

Ross Island offers the best of both worlds. Families access miles of surprisingly relaxing shorelines and the most beautiful rural areas. The areas is ideal for those looking to escape  the hurly-burly of life.

Couples love Ross island because it a quite and calm. This feature makes it an excellent choice amongst vacationers. Adventure enthusiasts especially visit here to enjoy different types of sporting activities including sea walking.

The region is known for laid-back environment, fascinating people, staggering shorelines as well as gorgeous weather.


  • Ideal Tourist Season: October to May.
  • For Monsoon Holidays: June to September.
  • Clothing : Cotton throughout the year.
  • Climate: Tropical and Humid. Humidity ranges between 70% and 90% with a gentle breeze blowing at all times.


People penetrate the thickest forest of Ross Island to witness the wildlife as well as life of local villagers. They spot deer, wild buffaloes and peacocks that are mostly found in the island. The island is also blessed with the amazing species of palm and coconut trees.

So, if you want to see sparkling beaches, ancient tribes and serenity all over the place, visit  Andaman.