Explore 5 Most Dazzling Beaches of Sydney

Sydney is bestowed with many attractive and dazzling beaches, from large serene bays and coves to the world famous Sydney Harbour. Not only seasoned surfers drift here, but also people of almost all age groups come here to enjoy awesome curls of waves. They rest and relax on the fine sandy beaches under the colourful umbrellas.

Oceanographers also come here to watch the migration of whales. Besides that, Sydney offers some of the best places to enjoy food (fish and chips) and drinks in beach side eateries.

People often explore:


Avalon Beach 

Whether you are an experienced surfer or not, you will love the atmosphere of Avalon Beach. It is situated nearly 37 kilometres north of the Sydney’s central business district.

People also enjoy:

  • Careel Head
  • Bangalley Head
  • St Mark’s Church
  • Baptist Church
  • Avalon town centre


Palm Beach 

Palm Beach is synonymous with golden sands and blue waters. No wonder, it is one of the most sought after beach destinations in the world. This beach is perfect for strolling, swimming as well as surfing. Idyllic expanse of picturesque Palm beach is quite mesmerising and beautiful.

There are many fishing spots, picnic areas as well as far away points that offer some of the most stunning ocean views. Explorers go extra miles to see corals, hidden eco-treasures and other historic locations. There are many scattered resorts and cottages that welcome visitors.


Narrabeen Beach 

It is is one of the most iconic surfing and swimming beaches in Australia. It has a long stretch of sand that looks like a necklace. There are many lifesaving clubs around the beach that protects swimmers.


Gordons Bay 

Nestled south of Clovelly Beach and north of Coogee Beach, Gordons Bay is one of the <strong> most dazzling beaches to explore.</strong> It is protected by offshore reefs and has many diving spots. People come here to see a unique underwater nature trail.


Cronulla Beach 

Cronulla beach is the most popular surfing destination. There are many local surf schools that provide surfing lessons to people.


  • Visit Oak Park and Gunnamatta Park near Cronulla beach.
  • Don’t forget to visit beautiful peninsula near Palm Beach.
  • Take time to visit Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.


So, get ready to enjoy long strolls along the Sydney beaches…