Explore the Land of Immortal Beauty – Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most wonderful countries. It is known for its pure beaches, prehistoric rainforests, lush green tea plantations, colonial architecture, and mixed cultures. It is one of the most extravagant travel destinations that has something for everyone. Travellers from across the world come here to seek ultimate peace, bliss, happiness and harmony.

Explorers hit the remotest mountains, dramatic rainforest-clad slopes as well as unusual floodplains. In fact, its forest life is worth discovering.

Here are a few unforgettable points of interest in Malaysia:


Kek Lok Si

Situated in Air Itam in Penang, Kek Lok Si is a world famous Temple of Supreme Bliss. It is said to be the largest Buddhist temple in the South-east Asia. It attracts millions of visitors and pilgrims from around the world.

Families enjoy the surrounding impressive vistas and explore the Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals. In fact, the main temple complex itself is quite peaceful and distinctively beautiful. People come here to learn about ancient Chinese, Thai and Burmese style architecture, which is quite distinctive.


Sipadan Island

According to a world-renowned oceanographer, Sipadan, an island, is an untouched piece of art. It is one of the most attractive and profound islands famous for a diverse marine life. People come here to see beautiful tropical birds, including sea eagles, kingfishers, sun birds, etc.

Explorers visit to learn about living corals, extinct volcanic cone, and weird ecosystem. In fact, it is an ideal place to explore manta rays, eagle rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks and whale sharks as well as numerous limestone caves. It has numerous diving sites that attracts world-class divers and swimming enthusiasts. This region can purify your mind and soul…


Pulau Rawa

Rawa Island is a world famous coral island in Mersing District. It is popular among global tourists. It has many pristine white sand beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving sites as well as coral colonies. Swimmers and diving enthusiasts enjoy the clean and clear water as well as the surrounding landscapes.

Rawa Island is an ideal place to see a wide variety sea creatures.


  • Do not forget to explore heavenly beaches and islands such as Pangkor Island, Tioman Island, Redang Island and east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Explore marine sanctuary parks that offer snorkelling and diving opportunities.
  • Find and learn about British colonial-era landmarks, Lenggong Valley as well as Petronas Twin Towers.
  • Learn about ancient Buddhist practices, theories, philosophies, and the art of meditation.
  • Explore ancient Chinese temples and Buddhist temples as well as Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia has many interesting places to discover and above all one can easily find Malaysia vacation tours and travel packages as per one’s budget and schedule. So, book your travel package to see the land of immortal beauty…