Explore the Two Most Attractive Travel Destinations – Athens & Lhasa


Athens, the capital city of Greece, holds the relics of Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman civilizations. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and explore. It is famous for the Acropolis, Kolonaki, Royal Palace and more architectural wonders.


Getting around

No doubt, Athens is one of the most preserved cities in Greece. It is peaceful, beautiful and attractive. Travellers take walking tours to see the most famous Lykavittos Hill, ancient streets, Tower of the Winds, Syntagma Square and Parnitha National Park.


What to do in Athens

There are many bazaars and places where you can enjoy musical, drama, and cultural activities. Most travellers hit the Schinias and Marathon Beach that are quite popular in the region. The national park is also highly inspiring as it has diverse greenery, relaxing environment and a wide range of ancient ruins. Families move towards neighbouring Greek islands to stroll around sandy beaches, sheltered coves, as well as whitewashed island houses.

The best time to visit Athens – from April to June.



There are many hotels and restaurants in Athens that offer delicious and authentic Greek food (Greek hamburger, custard-filled pastry with icing, grilled fish, grilled meats or meat stews); however, people often enjoy street food (mainly fast food), which is second to none.

Athens is also popular for buzzing night life. There are many areas that are famous among travellers such as Gazi, Psirri, Metaxourgio, Exarcheia, Monastiraki, Theseion, etc.



Lhasa (Place of the Gods) is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region; it is known for lush green valleys of the Himalayas, frosty winters, cool semi-arid climate, winding alleyways, old towns, Tibet Museum, Drepung Monastery, etc. Travellers also witness Chinese influence, golden stupas, Red Mountains, flat-roofed buildings, glorious Potala Palace and many other places.


Getting around

Travellers stroll around to see Jokhang Temple, ancient statues of Buddha, temples, religious artifact, Potala Palace as well as own buildings. They also stumble around Barkhor Street Market that is known for its traditional style. Most people move towards Shigatse, Tsethang, Samye, Nakchu and Danzhung to enjoy the beauty of Lhasa.

April to October is the best time for exploring Lhasa.

Most travellers drift here to meditate and indulge in a wide range of yoga practices. They enjoy natural scenes as well as different dimensions of mind, body and soul. No doubt, it is a great place for meditation.

There are many restaurants in Lhasa that offers Nepali, Indian, Chinese and Western food at the best prices. However, traditional Tibetan cuisine is famous among visitors. You can choose hotels for stay as per your budget and preferences.

Get ready to experience the timeless allure of Athens and Lhasa…