Explore The World’s Most Pristine Paradise – Brazil

Brazil’s beauty, culture, history, people and diversity make it the best destination for travellers. People from around the world drift here to see Costa Verde, where jungle and sea creates a blissful environment. People also hit the buzzing streets of Sao Paolo and savour eclectic dishes. The historic places like Salvador have ancient architecture that showcases the glorious past of this country. In fact, the Amazon and nearby rainforests are equally mesmerising.

Few interesting facts

  • Brazil is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries.
  • the Amazon Jungle has the greatest biodiversity on the planet.
  • Brazil has 64 national parks and more than 200 conservation units.


Postcard-perfect islands and archipelagos

Family travellers come here to see rare species, indigenous tribes and remote areas that are yet to be explored. If you are a hardcore nature lover, you can explore numerous postcard-perfect islands and archipelagos (such as Fernando de Noronha) that provide the best glimpse of sea turtles, underwater caves as well as a wide range of fish species.

Most of the islands of Brazil are rich in vegetation and surrounded by hardwood, which makes them quite beautiful and relaxing. You can also explore hidden waterfalls, trekking areas as well as the world’s most idyllic beaches.


The world famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Most people especially come here to attend the world famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It is a highly popular festival that held every year before Lent. It attracts more than 2 million people per day on the streets of Rio.


Mount Roraima and Iguazu falls

People also explore Mount Roraima, which shows the boundaries of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. It has many types of amazing rocks, rivers, vast green areas as well as waterfalls that are second to none.  It is rewarded with some of the most exciting landscapes of the world.

Similarly, if you love waterfalls, you should trek towards Iguazu falls. It is a vast collection of hundred of small individual waterfalls, which makes it quite beautiful and enticing. Visit here to enjoy some of the most wonderful and panoramic views.

Transportation – Do you know, Brazil has more than 4,000 airports?

Whether you are looking for an island-hopping adventure, fresh seafood or a jungle trek, Brazil is the best option to consider. So, what are you waiting for?