Fascinating travel destinations – Colombia, Peru & Morocco


Colombia is one of the famous country at the northern tip of South America. It is known for its unbridled landscapes, endless rainforests, alpine lakes, deserted beaches, Andes mountains as well as coffee plantation regions. People often drift here to enjoy the Caribbean coast, colonial Old Towns, ancient castles, coral reefs as well as jungle-covered mountains. The region is dotted with gorgeous tropical beaches, which make the surrounding even more warm and exciting.

Did you know?. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world.

Adventure enthusiasts enjoy a wide range of adventure activities from swimming to trekking. They challenge the boundaries of imagination by moving towards Andes mountains and rugged contours. They also navigate through flat coastal lowlands, Colombian Caribbean region, tropical savannah, dense forests, central highlands, as well as eastern lowland plains to sense the real essence of Colombia.



If you are looking to see a perfect paradise on earth, visit – Peru. It is a famous country that has the most engaging diversity. It is widely known for its culture, Inca’s empire, colonial architecture, natural resources and other exclusive travel destinations. The region is also known for its art, food and archaeological scenes.

There are numerous natural wonders and jungles and mountains that can take your breath away. There are many white sand beaches in Peru that make it one of the best places to rejoice. Kids love to enjoy their vacations here because it is brimmed with natural wonders.

People love Peru because it has something to offer to everyone from warm desert coast to lush jungles. It offers the most extreme experiences to its worshippers. People enjoy hiking, sand boarding on coastal dunes and canoeing in the raging rivers.



It is one of the most amazing and exciting travel destination in North Africa. It is known for its awe-inspiring location – the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Its history and culture is interesting and attracts people from around the world. Families specially come here to buy ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns, which are second to none.

The region is famous for the High Atlas mountains, camel safaris and sand dunes as well as ancient tower and minarets. The region is also famous for its awesome collection of world-famous art.

So, are you ready to explore these fascinating travel destinations?