Fiji – The Land of Natural Extravaganza

A lush archipelago of more than 330 islands, relics of volcanic activities, postcard-perfect sandy beaches, incredible atmosphere, romantic breeze, primitive aesthetics, glorious backdrops, luxurious resorts and villas, – welcome to land of Fiji. It is nestled in the South Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. It is one of the best-preserved island country. Romantic couples especially come here to explore each other and listen to their inner voices.

If you want to explore Fiji’s natural extravaganza,  visit Suva (Capital of Fiji), one of the best places to explore.  Most travellers drift here to experience the inspiring intimacy of the sand and waves. So, get ready to experience the stunning sketch of Mother nature.

Here are a few islands to scroll: 


Castaway Island

Castaway Island in Fiji is one of the most spectacular island. It is popular for its soft, white-sand beaches and snorkelling spots. Worldwide visitors drift here to experience the multi-colour coral reef as well as exotic stretch of shoreline. The region is radically mysterious and surprisingly brilliant.

It lies within the 20-island Mamanuca Chain — a volcanic archipelago to the west of Nadi. Newly married couples visit here to enjoy themselves in seclusion while absorbing the fresh vibes of lush rainforest and beaches. Stay here to see the outstanding performance of nature… 


Turtle Island

Believe it or not, this is the most acclaimed honeymoon destination on earth. It has every element to seduce you – from a postcard-perfect crescent shaped beach to the lush green jungles. This island   will rejuvenate your senses and helps you to touch the supreme aura of divinity. 

Close your eyes and sense gentle winds, aroma of tropical flowers and murmuring of azure waters that washes your feet- Heavenly.  By the way don’t forget to enjoy delicious sandwich.


Horseshoe Bay

Powder soft sand, clean sky, pristine reefs, inspiring water, colourful vegetation, all these elements define the beauty of Horseshoe Bay. No wonder travellers love to spend time on this peaceful and wonderful beach.

This quintessential region is also known for abundant forest, minerals, and fish resources. Are you ready to discover endless fascination? 

So, take a break and get ready to experience the abundance of nature in Fiji.

  • Climatic conditions – The climate in Fiji is tropical marine and warm year round with minimal extremes.
  • Best time to visit – July and September.