Maldives – The Most Impressive Wonderland

Maldives is known for its coral surroundings, tropical climate, soft sandy beaches as well as scattered wildlife. Travellers from around the globe drift here to see the glimpse of Indian Oceans. Its shimmering beaches attracts the maximum number of people. Its beauty, coral reefs, and endangered fish species makes it the best place to explore.

 The world’s best beach destination

With almost 98% of its territory being sea, it is one of the world’s best beach destination. It attracts people because of its turquoise blue waters and inhabited islands. Its beach locations are popular with tourists.

 Array of scattered and lovely islands

Visitors love to explore scattered and lovely islands. You can stroll along the neighbouring beaches to sense the rushing waves and swimming corals and shells. Its beauty and surrounding environment makes it a worth place to visit. You can follow the footprints of sea birds and enjoy your vacations under the umbrella of sky and clouds.

 Ideal beaches to explore

If you are a beach lover,  move towards Fulhadhoo. It is an ideal beach in Maldives and has many luxury hotels to rest and relax. It is unique and completely rustic. Photographers especially come here to take world-class pictures.

The local region is completely built-up with small houses. You will enjoy several miles of white soft sand. In fact, you can experience fresh breeze in lush tropical vegetation that is perfect for newly wedded couples.

You can explore remote coves, islands and many other locations after sunset. The most wonderful thing is that it is affordable to visit Fulhadhoo beach.

If you love adventure sports, you must choose Amilla Fushi. It is a well know island in Baa Atoll. Here, all of the beaches are distinctive, excellent and quite mesmerising as well as ideal for adventure sports. There are many areas that are covered with palms and lush green vegetation. You can enjoy sun, sand and waves with your family and friends. In fact, you can enjoy  snorkeling, sun bathing, kayaking and water surfing.

So, what are you waiting for, gear up to enter into this wonderland.