Mauritius will leave your speechless

The exotic land of Mauritius will leave your speechless. It is known for its well preserved beauty, soft powder-white beaches, vicinity of wild Madagascar, as well as scattered wildlife. Travellers from across the globe drift here to witness the amazing bird species, swinging lagoons, shiny beaches, lovely trees and secluded islands. Its natural beauty makes it the most wonderful place on earth. It is enveloped by the most beautiful and mesmerising Indian Ocean. Families specially come here to see giant tortoises, pink pigeons, white dolphins, whales and sharks.


Mauritius is family friendly

If you are a lover of soft beaches, you must visit Mauritius, because it has some of the most astounding beaches that are dotted by palms. The long array of islands and beaches will take you beyond your imagination and leave your spellbound.


Mauritius deserves attention

Families spend their holidays enjoying adventure activities from hiking, kitesurfing, boat excursions to swimming. They choose special packages to see the playing and singing dolphins and whales. There are many beautiful remote islands and lagoons that are still undiscovered. Couples spend hours near coral reefs and shallow water. They collect sea shells and fabulous colourful stones that look utterly attractive.


Le Morne – Tranquil and serendipitous

 Most people visit “Le Morne”, which is the most beautiful and serene spot for beach lovers. It is  surrounded by the fishing villages that makes it even more astonishing. This region has aqua-coloured lagoons and fresh greenery all over. Rocky mountains and charming secluded spots are the most enticing places to explore in “Le Morne”.


Ultra-luxurious resorts

 Mauritius is not only popular because of its sapphire-blue waters and soft powder-white beaches, but also because of its ultra-luxurious resorts. These resorts are highly beautiful and provide the most engaging views of the Indian Ocean. These resorts are known to offer impeccable services and facilities. Guests can enjoy amazing spas, designer rooms as well as exhilarating water sports. You can enjoy high levels of comfort and luxury.


So, visit the ever so surreal Mauritius to experience its elegant.