New Zealand- The Land of Natural Masterpiece

Are you looking for:

  • Sun, sand and waves
  • Exotic scenery
  • Extensive coastlines
  • Lovely and immaculate beaches
  • Dense rainforests
  • Pristine and imaginative backdrops
  • Eye-catching greenery?

If yes, hit the land of immortal natural masterpiece – New Zealand. It is blessed with some of the most dramatic beaches. Worldwide travellers come here to experience the sandy and rocky shores, extraordinary vegetation as well as pristine natural scenery, which is the captivating footprint of nature. They swim, kayak, snorkel and surf here .

Here are a few popular beaches of New Zealand:


Scott’s Beach

This is the most spectacular and dramatic beach in New Zealand. It attracts visitors because of its steep cliffs, dense forest, sandy coves, grooves, palm forest, lush greenery and pampering waves.

People love to enjoy non-stop tracking and hiking near its coastal region. Its coastal atmosphere is simply irresistible and unforgettable. They also move to the world famous Kahurangi National Park, which is quite magnificent.


Wharariki Beach

Wharariki beach is located right at the far end of Golden Bay. This impeccable region is loaded with utterly exotic natural wonders. Flanked by the east and west cliffs, this region has a great number of hidden caves and coves. Travellers especially visit here to see jagged islands, shallow unsettling momentum of water, unlimited sunshine and rippling waves. This is also a great spot for camping.


New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

Perched in the dramatic Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand’s North Island, New Chums Beach is hypnotic, mesmerising, placid, remote, and utterly wild. You can find miles of powder-white sand and refreshing blue water.


People come here to explore the remotest Nikau palm forest, shallow lagoons, craggy boulders and far fetching silky golden sand beaches. No doubt, this stretch of paradise has everything to fulfil your wish. The beach is excellent for swimming and playing.


Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach is renowned for its jubilant desert landscapes, charming dunes, spectacular sunset points, tranquil surfing regions, fishing spots as well as powerful western coastline. The region is a genuine paradise on earth and an ideal destination for holiday makers. Its ultimate and stunning wilderness and ancient wild meadows attracts people and encourage them to rest and relax here.

You can also hire the most fascinating beach cottages and resorts to enjoy the engaging beach views. The sunrise and sunset is so romantic that you can’t afford to miss it.

So, are you ready to experience the natural excellence of New Zealand?

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