Plan your Trip to Beautiful Portugal

Portugal is famous for unspoiled hilltop castles, ancient walled towns, old churches, golden beaches, fresh seafood as well as affordable food and wine. First time travellers love to visit the most popular cities like Lisbon and Porto. These two cities have the best clubs and modern architecture to explore. The region is known for offering wine tours, and endless opportunities for self-guided walking tours, cycling as well as kayaking.

Here are a few reasons to visit Portugal:

Alluring cliff-backed coves and remote sandy dunes

Explorers love to witness alluring coves, dramatic trails, coastal paths, picturesque sandy dunes, idyllic beaches as well as western Atlantic dunes. Families also enjoy calm waters of the Algarve that are famous for offering amazing experience. Get ready to experience timelessness…


Portugal beyond beaches and towering mountains

Besides beaches and towering mountains, the rest of Portugal is full of impressive rolling hills and encompasses quaint villages. Families enjoy  inspiring deep plunging valleys, lush grooves and hilly views that surpass excellence. They wander around terraced vineyards and see the cork oak plantations.

Do you know that Portugal is one of the warmest European countries?


Exploring Lisbon to see the effortless blend of culture and traditions

Lisbon attracts visitors because of its wonderful location, pastel-coloured buildings, bridges, medieval landmarks, postcard-perfect panorama of streets,  temperate climate and a great range of attractions.

Explorers walk around to see the oldest part of the city, rock castles as well as ruined walls. The region is known for its astonishing bars and restaurants as well as buzzing night life scenes. There are many hotels and resorts offering the best hospitalities.


Centro de Portugal and northwest Alentejo

If you want to see famous and ancient buildings of Portugal, you must visit Centro de Portugal and North West Alentejo. These two places have everything from a monastery at Alcobaça to beautiful pilgrimage sites.

However, people often drift here to experience secluded beaches that are spectacular. The neighbouring river valley makes the region even more inviting. If you are an adventure freak, choose the nearby Madeira and Azores Islands to explore.

Do you know that Portugal is the surfing capital of Europe?

Tips –

  • Do not forget to savour rice based specialities.
  • Enjoy soups, sparkling red wines and delicious fish dishes.
  • Choose luxury hotels and get holiday discounts.
  • Enjoy white-water rafting in the tributaries of the river Douro (liquid gold).

So, plan your trip to Portugal….