Samoa – The Land of Natural Excellence

A chain of small islands, relics of volcanic activities, glimpse of the Polynesian region, amazing islets, numerous coastal villages, inspiring vistas, luxurious hotels, – welcome to the iconic land of Samoa. It is nestled south of the equator, between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to explore Samoa’s surprising natural excellence, visit the 2 large islands of Upolu and Savai’i, which account for 99% of the total land area.

Most people especially come here to see:

  • The Samoa hotspot
  • Mt Silisili
  • The Saleaula lava fields
  • Apia
  • Traditions and culture of Samoans
  • Incredible beaches and surfing spots

So, get ready to experience the saga of nature. 

Here are a few places to roll: 


Lalomanu – A village in Samoa

This is an inspiring and quaint village on the east coast of Upolu island. It is known for its soft white sandy beaches,  breeze, vegetation, seaside areas as well as accommodations. There are many restaurants and Beach Resort that offer a wide variety of services. This region can nourish your soul.

Most families come here to experience coral lagoons, exotic coastal areas, kayaking and snorkelling spots, beautiful churches as well as dazzling marine life. Don’t forget to know about the history, culture and geography of this region.



This is the largest, highest (Mt Silisili at 1,858 m) and the most stunning island in Samoa and the Samoa Islands chain. The island is hot favourite those who love to see a great variety of tropical flora and fauna (there are nearly 500 species of flowering plants and about 200 species of ferns in Samoa – wikipedia). Its rainforests, lowland and montane forests and coastal areas are worth exploring because they are somewhat mysterious and interesting.

If you are a marine enthusiast, you will love to wander across this island because it is surrounded by the majestic Pacific Ocean, astonishing coral reefs and amazing lagoons. Don’t miss to swim with green turtles that blink-and-miss in seconds…

One of the most significant things is that you will get the vibes of spirituality as well as religion in Samoa. You can learn historical customs, social and political systems, and language while wandering in the coastal villages. Nature lovers move towards Falefa Valley, which is known for its verdant beauty and grace. This region will change your perspective about nature.

So, take a break and get ready to fly with the butterflies in Samoa.

Best time to visit – May to October.