Some of the Most Iconic Regions To Travel – Croatia, Sweden & Norway

Croatia (Did you know? Croatia has 1246 islands, isles and inlets.)

Croatia is a populous country in Central Europe. It is famous for its Adriatic Sea, continental climate, flat agricultural plains, low mountains as well as exotic islands and dramatic coastline. The region is bordered by Slovenia, which makes it even more inviting. Travellers from around the globe stumble here to see a peninsula, seashore and highlands, long strip of mainland, subregions, large forests and north central highlands. Don’t miss astounding waterfalls and shimmering lakes…

Things to explore in Croatia:

  • Dubrovnik
  • Krka National Park
  • Island of Cres
  • Pula
  • Zadar

It has many resonating and cheerful regions that make it a wonderful travel destination. “According to some estimates about 15% of all tourists that visit the country are naturists or nudists (more than one million each year).” – wikitravel. In a nutshell, you can enjoy your holidays here in Croatia. People choose boat rides to explore wonderful region of Croatia. Ferries are not only cheap, but also the best option to see the hidden treasures of Croatia.


Sweden (Did you know? Less than three per cent of Sweden’s land area is built up and forests cover 69 per cent of the country.)

People from across the world drift here to see the magnificent and plausible Northern Lights. The region if famous for Arctic winter as well as summer months. The region is dotted with mountains, frozen forests, white sandy & cosy beaches, Gulf of Bothnia, ice hotels, ancient houses & cottages. Don’t forget to see breathtaking canals, ancient churches and ethereal islands…

People witness some of the most stunning forests, lakes, big rivers, and marshes. Explorers not only enjoy adventure activities in Sweden, but also learn about the native people. There are many Arctic circle cities that reflects the civilization of Sweden. Get ready to flex your muscles…

Things to explore in Sweden:

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Malmö

Swedish hotels are comfortable, clean and provide the best services. These hotels not only provide  holiday packages, but also arrange transportation. Are you ready to appreciate the natural beauty of Sweden?


Norway (Did you know? Norway’s formal name is Kongeriket Norge.)

It is a famous and ‘larger than life’ country known for its extraordinary mountain (rocky wilderness) and glacier landscapes and deep coastal fjords, green spaces and colourful wooden houses. Travellers especially come here to enjoy endless fishing, hiking and skiing. The region is glorious and leaves its lovers stoned. The beauty of spectacular coastal fjords are second to none. Rocky coastal islands as well as pretty villages makes it warm and welcoming.

Things to explore in Sweden:

  • Oslo
  • Tromsø
  • Volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean
  • Kristiansand

Explorers enjoy limitless diversity, cosmopolitan feel, vibrant & rich cultural life and buzzing food scenes of Norway. They see and swim with the most wonderful creatures on earth – whales. In fact, it is a great place to play with polar bears. Are you ready to experience icy islands of Norway?

Get ready to chase your dreams.