Thailand – The Land Of Mysterious Malay Culture

With wonderful and award winning cuisine, obscure coves, shiny beaches, lurching waves, and a super captivating culture; Thailand is one of the best travel destinations to consider for fantastic holidays. The region is known for offering irresistible food, authentic travel experience and dazzling backdrops that can inspire anyone. The region is hot favourite for honeymoon couples, because it offers them the perfect opportunity to explore each other and kick start their new life in a passionate manner.

Spirit of Nature

The rainforest, climate, culture, art and traditions of Thailand inspire and motivate couples and encourage them to go beyond the limits of romance. The hidden coves, lengthy bays towards Malay Peninsula and warm climate suits almost all tastes and preferences.

City buzz – Bangkok

Global holiday makers and newly wedded couples hit the modern extravaganza and savour the aesthetics of modern life. They enjoy sky train, which is second to none. It offers a pleasurable experience and allow people to explore Bangkok. They enjoy lunch and dinner in the high rise restaurants and savour the world’s finest cocktails in rooftop restaurants. No wonder, this has become an international sensation for couples and holiday makers alike.

Spiritual heaven – Phuket

Most couples move towards the spiritual heaven of Phuket, which is an ideal rainforested, mountainous island. It is nestled in the Andaman Sea and attracts people through its unbridled beauty and contours. People call it a mermaid of the Andaman Sea because of its shape and size. It boasts some of the most stunning and dazzling beaches.

People enjoy crystal clear water, warm western shores, cheerful palm and sensual breeze. Its mountains ranges, coastal areas, brooks and creeks, river basins and sunset point take you to another world. Holiday makers enjoy local food, dance with local people and explore the hidden aspects of ancient and somewhat mysterious Malay culture.


Whether you are choosing Thailand for your honeymoon or leisure travelling, just book a better resort according to your preferences to enjoy breakfast, snacks, Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks and much more.

Are you ready to smell the aroma of beautiful lush green rainforests of Thailand.