Three Magnificent Family Travel Destinations


Tahiti is specially a good choice for a weekends. It is one of the most fabulous, beautiful, diverse and spiritual island in French Polynesia. This figure-8 shaped island attracts people from around the world. People from all walks of life drift here to experience the expanse of water, prettiest black-sand beaches, numerous small islands, tropical climate, as well as awesome waterfalls. They enjoy the most incredible extinct volcanoes, which makes it the worthiest travel destination on earth. Not to mention, people go gaga over incredible lagoons in Tahiti…

Explorers come here to witness a delightful blend of Polynesian and French cultures. They not only enjoy the laid-back style of island, but also  a wide range of beach activities. Tahiti offers some of the most irresistible snorkelling spots. You will feel like a mermaid…

In addition to that Tahiti also encourages people to enjoy endless skydiving, para-sailing, surfing, hiking, walking, and camping opportunities. Hilltops offer 360-degree view of the ocean. Are you ready to explore this paradise?


South Africa

This great country is famous for its distinct ecosystems. People come here to enjoy dazzling beaches, lush wine lands around Stellenbosch and craggy cliffs. They love to see stunning lagoons, flat-topped Table Mountains, national parks, city vibes, ancient forests, golf courses and magnificent coastline.

No doubt, it is a place where you can feel your soul and sense the calmness of nature.  Kids love to enjoy wild coastline with the Wilderness National Parks as well as lakes that attracts wild animals.

They enjoy a wide range of penguins. African penguins not only looks beautiful, but also attracts photographers from across the world. Are you ready to play with them?



Believe it or not, Indonesia is one of the best and greenest travel destinations that has thousands of volcanic islands. It’s famous for its countless beaches, deep valleys, canyons, craters, waterfalls, amazing volcanoes, Komodo dragons and lush jungles, elephants, copy-cat orangutans and of course, tigers. The region is also known  for its vibrant culture, habitats, traditions and music.

There are many ancient islands and villages that offer a wide variety of outdoor opportunities from snorkelling to swimming. Family explorers enjoy corals, small marine fishes and alluring beaches. They often rent motorcycles/cars to roam around the islands. Don’t miss gazing at the sensational sunset when lying on the beaches of slow-paced Sumatra…

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“Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures.”

Happy journey!