Uncovering the Secrets of New Zealand Travel

Stunning landscapes, unforgettable road trips, non-stop adventure, soaring pinnacles, national parks, coastal romance, steaming volcanoes and friendly locals; all these  portray the fascinating aura of New Zealand. It is also a great place to see traditional, contemporary and Maori art.

Do you know New Zealand is named as the third most beautiful country in the world?


Scenic reserves as well as dense forests

Travellers enjoy panoramic views between Blenheim and Nelson. They follow classic trails that lead to  pristine waterfalls and rock pools. There are many national parks that offer ultimate wilderness as well as wildlife experience to its lovers.


Sultry golden sand beaches and marine animals

Couples roll on the sultry golden sand beaches, enjoy tides, see frolicking marine animals, and explore native greenery. Most couples go to St Arnaud, which is an ideal region to explore  honeydew forests and mountains. The region also boasts Nelson Lake National Park. They enjoy non-stop hiking and camping here.


Majestic Punakaiki Pancake Rocks

Adventure lovers love to visit the majestic Punakaiki Pancake Rocks. These are ancient limestone stacks that were formed over 30 million years ago. They are supernatural and look utterly gorgeous. People also visit high-tide to witness the blowholes; the nearby town – Hokitika is also a worth visiting. It is famous for  jewellery and art works.


Nelson – It’s a picturesque paradise

Most family travellers choose Nelson because of its relaxing environment; in fact, it is the sunniest region in New Zealand. As it is a coastal area, people enjoy serene waters and experience awesome sea views, riddled rocks, unusual plants and rarest birds whole day long. It is an ideal place to stroll on secluded golden beaches, and see coastal forests.


Kids enjoy the region because it is packed with some of the most exclusive marine life such as dolphins, penguins and seals.

Tips –

  • Choose an expert tour operator to make your trip an unforgettable experience.
  • Book the best and economical flights, hotels, family vacation packages and cars.

There are countless ways to explore New Zealand; are you ready?