Visit the Most Splendid Koh Samui, Thailand

Endless variety of beaches, eternal forests, jagged cliffs, and warm waves, all these elements define the aesthetics of Koh Samui (Samui Island), Thailand. It attracts budget travellers because of its ultimate attractions. It not only offers relaxed atmosphere, but also national parks, array of secluded beaches as well as picture-perfect landscapes. People come here to see the splendid view of Koh Phangan beach. There are many resorts located along the beaches and provide awesome ocean views. They not only provide a great degree of privacy, but also romantic atmosphere for newly married couples. That is the reason people call it a pure honeymoon destination.

Koh Samui not only offers placid deserted beaches, warm climate, but also extra sunset points and exceptional vegetation. The neighbouring palm tree and wonderful environment attracts voyagers. People love to linger around the exotic landscapes, white sand beaches, and resorts.

Extraordinary travel destinations to explore:


Chaweng Beach

If you want to see a place where waves wash the toes of cliffs and wind talks to palm trees, visit Chaweng Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Samui. There are many hotels, bars and resorts that can make your vacations worth memorable. People spend their whole day at the beach and enjoy their nights in any famous nightclubs. In fact, there are many famous landmarks near the town – Chaweng.


Lipa Noi Beach

Even if you are not a water lover you will fall in love with Lipa Noi Beach in Koh Samui. Its white sand, family-friendly atmosphere and beach side luxury villas make it one of the most classic vacation destinations on earth. Some people choose to detox in spas, while others move around to see the weird geographic structure to the area. The neighbouring coconut plantations and tropical paradise like environment attracts avid explorers.


  • Explore the Marine National Park near Taling Ngam.
  • Visit the famous seafood restaurants to enjoy amazing cuisines.
  • Book beach resorts in advance.
  • Enjoy boat and ferry ride.
  • Explore the most secluded diving destinations in Koh Samui.

So, choose your favourite vacation resort and enjoy your holidays.