Western Australia – The Most Awesome Beach Destination

Western Australia’s astonishing beaches and charming atmosphere continue to draw in tourists every year. It has a whooping 12,000 km of coastline that makes it utterly pristine. People come here to explore far-flung islands, white sandy beaches, wildlife, bay areas, National parks, and much more.

Here are a few exotic beaches to explore:

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Shoalwater islands marine park is synonymous with pristine islands, gorgeous reefs, excellent diving spots, as well as awesome and blissful backdrops. It is an ideal location to see penguins, silver gulls, fairy terns, and other beautiful animal species. This picturesque region is totally unspoiled and attracts world class divers and swimmers. Get ready to escape the crowd and experience unbeatable romantic charm….


Lucky Bay

It is the most idyllic region to explore and surf. In fact, it is known as the prime jewel of western Australia.  The sparkling coastline is vibrant and perfect for water lovers. People enjoy the clean sand, turquoise water, and capture the breathtaking views of the neighbouring Recherche Archipelago.

Children love to see the hoping kangaroos while running on the uncrowded beaches. The stretch of bay looks like a perfect paradise on earth. It offers some of the most wonderful views of an extensive groups of small islands. Not to mention, the region has many walking tracks, bushes, and endless greenery that makes it worth wandering. The bay is a feast for the eyes…


Ningaloo Reef

Want to swim with whalesharks in the pristine waters, visit quintessential Ningaloo Reef. It is located on Western Australia’s mid north coast with some of the  most stunning natural wonders. People from all across the world come here to see manta rays, rare turtles, migrating humpback whales as well as a wide variety of tropical fishes. Get ready to absorb laid-back vibes…

Jaw-dropping landscapes of Ningaloo Reef make it the most awesome travel destination on earth. It has numerous sites that are known for their underwater beauty. Ningaloo Reef can keep you engaged for days. The region is ideal for adventure junkies…


  • Explore the most iconic Cottesloe Beach in Perth (capital of Western Australia).
  • Discover Swan Coastal Plains as well as the Indian Ocean.
  • Don’t forget to visit Monkey Mia to see dolphins.
  • Visit Eighty Mile Beach for bird watching and fishing.


The region of Western Australia caters to a wide range of travellers. Fortunately, you can also get affordable and all-inclusive travel deals as per your budget. So, explore these exotic travel destinations.