Why you should visit Seychelles?

If you want to explore diverse mix of cultures or mystical charm of islands or an array of pristine beaches, visit Seychelles, East Africa. It is a beautiful archipelago that is home to some of the most wonderful beaches, tropical forests, chain of islands, and fascinating wildlife. It is nestled in the Indian Ocean with its own natural aesthetics. It is a pure spirit of Africa with diverse range of natural exotics. Its incredible features makes it a perfect travel destination on earth.


Beautiful caves, coves, and beaches

Worldwide travellers drift here to explore beautiful caves, coves, beaches, uninhabited islands, iconic forests, clear blue waters and weird rock formation. Families especially visit here because of its secluded beaches, nature reserves, coral islands and other natural wonders. People visit the prime swimming and snorkelling spots and spend their whole vacations here. They enjoy the soft white sand and super stunning views of the Indian Ocean.


Breathtaking national parks and colourful corals

The region consists of breathtaking national parks, calm bay areas, colourful corals, wonderful fish species, and marine herbs.  Families hire fishing boats to explore far fetching islands and forests that are known for their abundance and climatic splendour. People swim with turtles, big fishes while exploring underwater caves.


Dazzling and gorgeous beaches

People who like an endless array of palm trees, swinging waves, soft sand and puffy breeze, often choose dazzling and gorgeous beaches (Petite Anse Bay, Anse Royale, and Anse Lazio). All these beaches are the real paradise on earth. You can spend hours watching turtles, sharks, and other frolicking marine habitat in the azure water.

Besides that, Seychelles is the place where you will find Madagascar, long stretch of coastlines, coastal roads, true spirit of nature, coral sand cays, giant tortoises (Aldabra) and other endemic plant species. No doubt, all these elements make it the most favourable place on earth.


Art, culture and cuisines

You can witness ancient churches, religious sites, French and English ruins, and other cultural monuments in Victoria (capital city). You can taste a wide variety of exotic food here – fish, seafood, rice dishes and shellfish dishes, and much more. Interesting mix of unique local art, music, and architecture are just worth learning .

You can choose your favourite hotel or island resort to spend your family vacations while extolling the eternal beauty of nature.

  • The best times to visit Seychelles – April, May, October and November.
  • What to carry – Light clothing, sunglasses, hats, camera, footwear and UV protection.
  • Capital city – Victoria.
  • Airport – Seychelles International Airport, Mahé Island.

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